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The Governors are appointed to provide:
  • An independent view
  • A wide experience of the outside world
  • A visible form of accountability for the head teacher and staff of the school
  • A focus on long term development and improvement
  • Accountability to the community for the use of resources and the standards of teaching and learning in the school
  • Support for the head teacher and staff
The Governing Body are the strategic planners of the school, we:
  • Employ others to carry out the work
  • Appoint the head teacher who is responsible for the day to day management of the school
  • Agree policies and practice which allows the head teacher to carry out their responsibilities
  • Agree principles and targets for improvement
  • Support and challenge the head teacher
  • Review our own working practices
Individual Governors will also be involved in some of the following:
  • School improvement plan
  • The curriculum
  • Head teacher performance management
  • Staff appointments
  • The financial management of the school
  • The training of governors