The staff of Woodlands Infant and Nursery School come from a diverse range of backgrounds, experience and knowledge in their respective areas, but they all share one thing . . . a passion for ensuring the pupils at the school receive a high level of teaching, care and encouragement throughout their journey in our school.

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs T BowmanExecutive Headteacher
Miss J BingwaDeputy Headteacher, SENCO and Pine teacher (Year 1/2)
Family Support
Mrs J PenningFamily Support Worker
Miss J HarrisWillow (Nursery Foundation 1)
Miss V BattenOak (Reception Foundation 2)
Mrs ToulsonFir (Year 1)
Miss J BingwaPine (Year 1 & 2 Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
Mrs K TurnbullPine (Year 1 & 2 Thursday & Friday)
Mrs A TindallMaple (Year 2)
Mrs S WhylesCover Teacher (Tuesday and Wednesday)
Teaching Assistants
Miss H CockettHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L PhippsHigher Level Teaching Assistant (Maternity)
Mrs D Shucksmith
Mrs L Day
Mrs K Robinson
Mrs M Gray
Miss M Rushton
Mrs H Houldon(Enhanced Support)
Mrs D Black(Enhanced Support)
Admin Team
Mrs N DavisBusiness Manager
Mrs M ClarkAdministrator
Mr K GriceCaretaker
Mrs S TurnerCleaner
Breakfast Club Staff
Mrs J TownsendBreakfast Club Leader
Mrs M GrayBreakfast Club Assistant
Mrs D BlackBreakfast Club Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisors MDSA
Mrs K Robinson
Mrs A Turner
Mrs J Moon
Mrs D Black
Mrs K Moore

Staff Use Only

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