The School Will:

  • Provide the best possible education, challenging and supporting every child
  • Protect the children in its care
  • Treat each child as special
  • Provide a happy and stimulating environment for learning
  • Live by the School’s Code of Conduct
  • Keep parents regularly informed about their child’s targets, attainment and progress
  • Involve the child in setting targets and assessing his/her own learning
  • Set regular homework to support the child’s learning
  • Prepare the child for his/her next school
  • Encourage healthy eating and develop an understanding of how to live a healthy life
  • Ensure the safeguarding of all children both at home and at school which may include the involvement of other agencies

Parents/Carers Will:

  • Support and encourage their child with their reading and other homework
  • Support the School’s Code of Conduct
  • Send their child to school on time
  • Talk to their child about his/her work
  • Inform school about special circumstances
  • Try to attend school meetings
  • Help their child prepare for the school day including ensuring the full school uniform is worn with pride
  • Support the health of their child via the provision of appropriate breakfast and lunches
  • Support the school in the safeguarding of all children and understand the schools position in safeguarding issues

The Child Will:

  • Try hard and do their best
  • Follow the School’s Code of Conduct
  • Work towards independence
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Share his/her knowledge, opinions, experiences and talents
  • Wear his/her uniform and represent the school with pride
  • Adopt safe and healthy practices

Together We Will:

  • Work to our Code of Conduct
  • Trust in each other
  • Talk to each other
  • Support one another through any special circumstances

Home School form


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Print, complete and return to the school office.

Home School agreement