KS1 Medium Term Plan Autumn Term 1 2018 Teachers: Miss Bingwa, Mrs Tindall, Mrs Toulson, Mrs Turnbull

Extreme Earth

Our exciting topic this term will see us becoming immersed in Geography and Science as we look closely at our Earth and its weather. We will study the patterns of everyday weather in places around the world and look how extreme our Earth can be through volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis and floods.

We will be creating and developing our own weather forecasts which will enable us to study different types of clouds.

We will be using these extreme conditions to study how others have been moved by our extreme earth and use these to inspire us as we create our own volcanic art and music.

Our learning will focus on increasing and expanding our vocabulary to extend our knowledge and understanding of our Extreme Earth.

As geographers . . .

We will name the continents and oceans and investigate the weather and climate in tropical, temperate and cold places. We will explore the weather and climate in places around the world we have heard of and some new places too.

We will find out about the equator and the tropics, the Arctic Circle and Antarctica.

We will track the weather in some of our favourite places in the world, as well as keeping a chart of the weather at school. We will then use this information to make comparisons.

We will learn about the main cloud types and keep an eye on weather forecasts to see how the weather is affected by the different cloud types.

As writers, we will:

  • Present information
  • Write reports
  • Produce glossaries
  • Write stories
  • Create and recite poetry.

As Scientists we will:

  • Observe seasonal changes.
  • Find out which areas have the same seasons as us and where in the world things are not the same.
  • Explore how places in the Southern Hemisphere have the opposite seasons to us.

Physical Education

This term our PE lesson swill focus on dance. The children will learn to respond to music and put pieces of movement together to create a dance piece.

Religious Education

Our theme in RE is “Being thankful”. The children will be centring on saying thankful for the world we are in and taking care of it.


Our theme for PSHE this term is “Being me in My World.” Children will be focusing on getting to know their new class systems and routines as well as establishing a class charter.

Homework Challenges

Main Activity: Read a variety of rhymes and poems
Build up a collection of some of your favourite weather rhymes and poems. Learn some of them off by heart and recite them to family members or friends.

Extension: Explain to others what you particularly like about these poems and show your understanding.

Include intonation when you recite to make the meaning clear.

Main Activity: To have quick fire recall of number bonds to 10


Use the song to help you learn your number bonds to 10.

Extension: Represent and use number bonds to 20


Main Activity: Use and expand nouns to create noun phrases such as large green leaf.
Play the treasure hunt clue game. Choose objects from around your house can you write clues to describe what the objects look like for someone to find.

Extension: Use your noun phrases in a story.

Main Activity: To read and write the numbers 1-10 as words
Use look, cover, spell check method to learn how to spell all your numbers to ten.

Extension: To read and write 2-digit numbers in words
Extend your list to numbers up 20. Can you go up to 100?

Main Activity: Begin to punctuate sentences using capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks
Write an adventure story including a volcano or tornado. Can your characters escape from an exploding volcano or do they get wrapped up in a swirling tornado?

Extension: Use the past and present tense correctly and consistently when writing your story. Use powerful verbs and exciting adjectives to add interest for the reader

Main Activity: To read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving addition (+), subtraction (-) and equals to (=) signs.
Add price labels (up to 10p) to items in your home eg a shoe, a book etc. Ask a grown up for ten 1p’s. Write down as a number sentence, the combinations of items you can buy. Eg 2p + 8p = 10p

Extension: Increase the amount of money you have and the price of the items you can buy.

Main Activity: To identify the layers of the earth and how volcanoes are formed.
Make a 3D model of the layers of a volcano.

Extension: Research the names of the layers of rock. Can you find a way of making your volcano explode?

Main Activity: To count in multiples of 2 forwards and backwards


Extension: To count in multiples of 2,3 and 5 forwards and backwards
Visit the Mathsfun website for lots of great games with skip counting – https://www.mathsisfun.com/numbers/skip-counting.html

Main Activity: To begin to form upper case letters in the correct direction, starting and finishing in the right place.
Use the handwriting examples below to practice your cursive handwriting.

Extension: Write down examples where you see letters used in the environment – names of shops, car registration numbers, road signs etc Can you write the capital letters match?

Main Activity:- To recognise and use language relating to dates, including days of the week, months and years


Write a weather diary for the week can you track the weekly weather?

Extension: Make your own yearly calendar – it must include the days of the week, the months (including the correct number of days for each month) and the names of the seasons.